Fiona Blackett

Topological Quantum Field Theories and Frobenius Algebras

Talk I gave to the Society of Physics Students at Boulder, I aimed it to be comprehensible to early undergrads.

Headphone imaging, square waves, and why the Sennheiser HD800 are the best gaming headphones

On headphone forums an extremely common question is “what is a good pair of headphones for gaming”, and the responses usually include headphones which have good imaging and soundstage. But what rea...

The Eilenberg-Steenrod Axioms and Generalized (Co)homology Theories

A talk I gave as part of an online seminar on stable homotopy theory:

Site infrastructure

Hello all, for my first post here I figured I’d write a bit about my hosting of this site. I’m using Jekyll and Github Pages with the Chirpy theme. You can view the source here. The chirpy theme p...